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Elevate Your Sales Game with Sales IQ Plus

Master the art and science of sales with Sales IQ Plus, an award-winning skills assessment co-developed by industry heavyweights Jeffrey Gitomer, Jim Cathcart, and Dr. Tony Alessandra. Designed to sharpen your focus and elevate your sales performance, this unique test is not just a one-time snapshot but an ongoing diagnostic tool.

Benefits Across Roles:

Sales Representatives: Improve your prospecting accuracy and closing rates through targeted strategies.

Team Managers: Gain valuable insights into team performance to develop personalized training programs.

Business Owners: Enhance overall sales performance to cultivate client relationships and drive revenue.


Sales IQ Plus isn't simply an evaluation—it's your roadmap to mastering the sales process. By choosing this assessment, you're investing in long-term career advancement for both you and your team. Act now to unlock your full sales potential.

Sales IQ Plus

Sales Tax Included
    • Dynamic Question Pool: With 48 questions pulled at random from a repository of over 100, Sales IQ Plus ensures that each test experience is unique. Re-take the assessment to consistently identify your strengths and areas for improvement.
    • Comprehensive Sales Strategy Analysis: Dive deep into the seven core phases of the sales cycle: Connecting, Solving, Managing, Targeting, Confirming, Preparing, and Assuring. Uncover your performance metrics in each area to fine-tune your approach.
    • Unmatched Insights: 32-page report with explanations, to understand how to connect with prospects both intellectually and emotionally, how to manage client accounts while optimizing your own performance, and how to assure customer retention by delivering on your value promises.

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