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Discover Shared Insights with the Kids DISC (Adult Version) Assessment

Our Kids DISC (Adult Version) Assessment, developed alongside child psychology expert Dr. Jennifer Rogosin, offers an unparalleled opportunity. This is more than just an extension of our DISC for Kids Assessment; it's a powerful tool that fosters mutual understanding and alignment between adults and children.

Benefits For Parents:

Parent-Child Alignment: Foster a two-way understanding that leads to stronger familial relationships.

Informed Parenting: Use insights to better guide your child's development and tackle shared challenges.


Benefits For Teachers:

Aligned Educational Goals: Achieve better outcomes through aligned teaching and learning styles.

Open Dialogue: Encourage open communication between educators and students, enhancing educational experiences.


Benefits For Coaches:

Strategic Alignment: Understand how your coaching style meshes with each child's tendencies to improve teamwork.

Optimized Training: Adapt your coaching methods to individual learning styles for more effective skill development.


The Kids DISC (Adult Version) Assessment is not just a purchase; it's an investment in a healthier, more harmonious environment where you and the children you interact with can thrive. Unveil a new layer of understanding—take the first step today.

Kids DISC (Adult Version)

Sales Tax Included
    • Parallel 20-Question Test: A test designed for adults but aligned with the children's version for seamless comparison and discussion.
    • Unified 25-Page Report: Receive a comprehensive analysis that not only elucidates your own behavioral patterns but also how they intersect with those of the children you care for.
    • Connective Framework: Designed to unite the worlds of adults and children, setting the stage for more meaningful interactions and shared growth.

    Much like the children's version, this test employs charming bird-themed categories that everyone finds relatable and engaging. This isn't merely about labeling personality types; it provides a well-rounded understanding of the individual motivations, fears, and challenges you share with the children in your life.

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