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Discover the Universal Power of the DISC for Kids Assessment

Have you ever wished for a deeper understanding of the children in your life, whether they're your own kids, your students, or your team members? The DISC for Kids Assessment is your solution. Created in collaboration with renowned expert Dr. Jennifer Rogosin, this tool is more than a personality test—it's a gateway to improved relationships and enhanced communication across different settings.

Benefits For Parents:

  • Improved Communication: Facilitate meaningful dialogues with your children.

  • Enhanced Understanding: Uncover the psychology behind your child's behavior.

  • Stronger Family Bonds: Foster a supportive home environment.

Benefits For Teachers:

  • Classroom Harmony: Utilize understanding to create a cohesive learning environment.

  • Individualized Teaching: Customize your teaching methods for each student.

  • Parent-Teacher Relations: Bridge the gap between home and school.

Benefits For Coaches:

  • Team Synergy: Strategically position each child for team success.

  • Motivation: Unlock individual motivators to optimize performance.

  • Skill Enhancement: Hone in on individual skills for targeted improvement.

With the DISC for Kids Assessment, you're investing in more than just a product. You're empowering yourself and others to create harmonious, productive environments. Start your transformative journey today.


Sales Tax Included
    • Universal 20-Question Test: Designed with child psychology principles, this test is relevant for parents, teachers, and coaches alike.
    • Comprehensive 30-Page Report: Garner actionable, user-friendly insights applicable in the home, classroom, or field.

    • Multi-Setting Approach: Crafted to benefit all stakeholders in a child's life, facilitating shared understanding and collaborative growth.


    Kids will adore the bird-themed representation of personality types, making the test engaging and relatable. This is more than just a simple rundown of traits; the report dives into motivations, fears, and unique challenges that each child faces.

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