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Our Story

We are a globally active consultancy specializing in professional programs and psychological assessments. Our scientifically-backed tools empower leaders, organizations, and families to make data-driven decisions.

Unlocking Potential, One Assessment at a Time

Brian Tracy Online Solutions builds on a rich legacy of professional development excellence, bringing 35 years of Brian Tracy's research and expertise into the digital realm. We're not just another business education platform; we're an ecosystem designed to nurture growth in today's evolving work environment.

Why We're Trusted

Brian Tracy, our founder, is a renowned author of 85 books on personal and professional development. Since launching his first hard-hitting training program in 1981, we've been at the forefront of business education. Each of our offerings undergoes extensive research, testing, and regular updates to stay current and effective.

Our Secret Sauce

What distinguishes us from the rest is our commitment to impactful learning. With learning methodologies crafted for maximum retention, we empower our users with tools that bring immediate improvements and foster long-lasting change. Our global community of over 5 million graduates stands testament to the efficacy of our programs.

Unrivaled Versatility

Whether it's online, in-person, or a blend of both, we've got you covered. Our extensive range of services includes hiring essentials, dynamic workshops, comprehensive learning modules, and long-term training partnerships. All are facilitated by our cadre of certified experts committed to your success.

Our Approach

Imagine human potential as an iceberg floating in the ocean of life. Hidden below the water's surface are your Emotions (EQ) and Motivators. These unseen forces dictate much of your behavior, yet they're often ignored. Through EQ assessments and Motivator Analysis, we help you tap into these hidden dimensions.

Just above the waterline, we find Behavior, shaped by your DISC profile. This is your outward persona, the 'how' of your actions, which we decode for a fuller understanding of yourself.

Finally, visible above the water are your Skills, the 'what' people see and appreciate, whether in sales, leadership or other arenas. These are the competencies we measure and help you refine.

At the pinnacle of this iceberg is Decision-Making, influenced by every layer beneath it. By dissecting each layer, we equip you to make informed decisions in both your personal and professional life.

Iceberg Assessment Superior Performance Model Best.png

Our Team

We are a dedicated team of professionals, led by world-renowned expert Brian Tracy, committed to elevating your success. Each member brings specialized skills and decades of experience in professional development, executive leadership, and psychological insights. United by a shared vision, we strive to deliver effective, custom-tailored solutions that empower individuals and organizations around the globe.


Uwe Tillmann

Managing Director Europe

About Uwe:
Uwe serves as the Managing Director for Europe, driving our mission of delivering world-class professional development programs. With his background in executive roles and entrepreneurship, he tailors solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients.


  • Customizing training solutions for European markets

  • Expanding our professional development network across Europe

  • Strategic planning and business growth


Andrew Phillips

Managing Director for Australia

About Andrew:
Andrew heads our Australian division, bringing 18 years of partnership with Brian Tracy to the table. His expertise in sales and entrepreneurship helps clients down under achieve unprecedented growth.


  • Developing and scaling profitable business models in Australia

  • Customer acquisition and sales growth

  • Building high-value companies ready for market

Jennifer TBM 4.JPG

Dr. Jennifer Rogosin

Psychological Expert

About Dr. Rogosin:
Dr. Rogosin is our Psychological Expert, providing invaluable insights into employee behavior and organizational effectiveness. She works with clients to translate this knowledge into measurable business results.



  • Conducting in-depth assessments and competencies analysis

  • Creating effective hiring and leadership development programs

  • Increasing productivity and enhancing corporate culture


Constanze Hill

Psychological Expert

About Constanze Hill:
Constanze Hill is our Specialist in Debriefing Assessments, with an impressive career spanning over 25 years. Her expertise lies in empowering individuals to make transformative changes in both their professional and personal lives. She excels in interpreting complex assessment data to provide actionable insights.



  • Conducting comprehensive debriefing of psychological assessments

  • Providing targeted coaching to break negative patterns and eliminate limiting beliefs

  • Enhancing emotional fitness and interpersonal relationships for career growth and personal well-being

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