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Assessment Tools

Unlock the Power of Insight with Our Assessment Tools. Rooted in rigorous research and expert methodology, our assessments serve as the gateway to profound personal and organizational transformation.

Our Assessments

Why Assessments?

One can only improve what one can measure.


Data-Driven Decision Making: Replacing hunches and biases with solid data equips you to make decisions that truly serve your organization's needs. 

Optimized Talent Management: From hiring to training, our assessments offer actionable insights to ensure you're assembling the most effective teams possible. 

Enhanced Interpersonal Dynamics:  Our assessments empower your teams to communicate more effectively and adapt to various working styles, driving up productivity and employee satisfaction.

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We are ASI Certified!

Our assessments are leading by example with independent validation meeting APA, EEOC, AREA, and NCME standards. Our goal is to ensure the trust of both our members and clients alike by providing the most accurate and reliable assessments available.

Our Professional Assessments


What our clients say:

Laura Diaz,
Real Estate Team Manager/Investor

"Jennifer, our debriefing session was awesome!  I received tremendous knowledge not only of my strengths, but also, on how to deal with my present employees and future business professionals.  I would recommend this assessment to all business professionals and their staff.   This could lead to a more harmonious working environment, and that is something we all want.  Thanks Jennifer for your wisdom!"

Jason Martnick, Sales Representative, Pioneer Standard  

"To become informed about what type of personality I’m dealing with and how to properly respond is of paramount importance.   That is to say, the DISC insight has already begun to enhance my performance. Understanding who you’re talking with and how we can best communicate a message to them is, to me, the equivalent of building a bridge over the Grand Canyon!  It simply eliminates 80-90% of the guesswork."

Ken P. Ph.D., CPA

"After applying the techniques on How to Sell to a "Relater" customer, I closed a deal that I wouldn't have closed in the past....thanks for a three-quarter million dollar day, Jennifer!"     - 

Glen S., CPA

"I just brought an "Analyzer' customer on board (my most difficult type), resulting in an extra $24k in commission in my pocket"
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